Considered one of the most versatile types of aeroplane available to businesses, individuals and the military, utility aircraft are more than capable of taking on the role of transport vehicles when other smaller or larger planes simply won’t do. The term utility refers to the crafts ability to provide a range of advantages, and although they can’t compare to the military power of fighter jets, nor the manoeuvrability of modern day helicopters; they are more than capable of performing their tasks without delay.

Even though utility aircraft are often much smaller than military planes, they are still large enough to be loaded with ammunition, weapons, food and other materials for transport purposes. Being smaller, and as a result; more agile, means that these craft can manoeuvre their way in to even the smallest of locations to offload their valued resources before flying back for more.

Their versatility also makes them ideal passenger planes, although they are limited when it comes to seating when compared to typical Boeing aircraft. This hasn’t stopped them from finding a use as a mode of transport for businesses and individuals alike. In fact their smaller size means that they cost less to operate, and as they are much lighter than larger passenger aircraft; they are often capable of flying longer distances too.