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Outperform Their Rivals: Although helicopters are capable of rotating on the spot, a utility aircraft negates this by being able to turn within a 60 degree arc. This makes them ideal for aerobatics and many leading air entertainers rely on utility craft to perform stunts. It’s not just stunts that utility craft excel at however; they are well suited to a range of requirements.

It’s not uncommon to see a utility craft fitted with a sprinkler system and then used to water crops, or at the very least shower them with pesticides or other chemicals. This capability further extends to other uses, such as dousing flames during forest fires, as well as providing much needed transport in the most remote of locations.

Even though utility aircraft are often much smaller than military planes, they are still large enough to be loaded with ammunition, weapons, food and other materials for transport purposes. Being smaller, and as a result; more agile, means that these craft can manoeuvre their way in to even the smallest of locations to offload their valued resources before flying back for more.